american girl



The best place to meet Americans is New York, simply because there are a lot of lonely people in this city. New York City is not for family relations, it is a city of singles. As one friend of mine from The New York Times said, "The only place on Earth where there are more single people than in New York is a leprosy."

So, where and how best to get to know  how to date an american girl ? It is best to do this in the so-called "pick-up joints." There are several in New York, and they are well known.

You will need to get used to the terrible scream, noise and ham that accompanies all events of this kind - the Americans on Friday night in the bar are very noisy. Skip a glass or two and get started.

If the crowd walks from office plankton, the girls are so five or six, then it is better to miss it, then you will talk to them, but the girl you like will be afraid to show herself not from the best side in front of your girlfriends and you may have everything to break down.

My advice is to look for a single girl who came to the bar alone. This is your best chance - she needs company, communication and everything else - for this she came here. After that, come up and start communicating with her, my experience - the more brazen you do it, the better.

Here are some examples of politically correct ways to meet an American girl: "Sorry, I noticed that you have a beautiful ass, I would like to meet you, then to hold on to her."

Well, and so on - the main thing is that it is brazenly and politically correct. Americans appreciate this, they are tired of the slaughtered men who are most afraid, the courts there, accusations of rape and all the other typical American tinsel. When a man approaches and very unequivocally expresses his intentions, they go to meet him.

In the province, however, you need to be a little more careful about this - first you can probe the ground, but after a little "artillery preparation" you can apply this method - all these long worthless empty conversations to nothing - be straight and frank.